Tony Retrosi has presented lectures at many Regional and National Congresses. Here is a little bit about Tony.

Tony’s lectures include a mix of videos, drills, and takeaway information that can be implemented the very next day in your gym. Lectures can be tailored for different experience and coaching levels.

Lecture Topics

  • Coaches As Educators – The best coaches are also great teachers. Gymnastics is just the subject they teach. Here are some some of the best DOs and DON’Ts to be a great teacher and become a great coach.
  • Recreational Floor – Floor is the base for all events. Starting with your recreational classes there has to be a plan for what and how to teach floor skills.
  • Bars A-Z – In order to become GREAT at uneven bars, you need a plan. A plan that starts in your compulsory program all the way through your optional gymnasts. You can not wait until someone is a Level 9 before you try to make them a level 9. I have collections of drills to do with compulsory gymnasts to get them ready for optional gymnastics.
  • Recreational Bars – The problem with bars with rec classes is that it takes a lot of strength and strength is not normally a lot of fun. The trick is to break skills down to their smallest parts so that all kids can feel successful and make progress.
  • Uneven Bar Release Moves – It is important to set the foundation fairly early for girls to start working on Major release moves. It takes time and patience but the reward is great release moves.
  • Vault Bridge Optional Drills for your Compulsory Gymnast - Level 4-7 vault is a problem because the repetition of the handspring vault teaches kids how NOT TO FLIP. The best vaults at the optional levels are BIG flipping vaults. Here is a collection of drills and a time line of when drills need to be implemented to maximize success at the optional levels.
  • Combination Tumbling – There are only so many ways to increase your start value in floor routines. You need a BIG tumbling pass and back up passes showing combination tumbling.
  • Front and Back Tumbling – Tumbling is where it starts. By making sure you have established good basics each athlete can hopefully maximize their gymnastics potential. This Starts with a good front handspring and strong roundoff back handspring and goes up through drills for twisting and double backs.
  • Developing Yurchenko Vaulting – Roundoff entry vaults have become more and more common but there are still some major areas of concern. I have a series of drills and skills which will lay the base for success with Round off entry vaults. Drills from teaching a good round off to their first flip.
  • Yurchenko Vaulting 2 - Picking up where Developing Yurchenko Vaulting left off. Now they can flip, NOW WHAT? Drills for layouts through twisting.
  • 5 THINGS EVERY GYMNAST NEEDS TO HAVE ON BARS – On Bars it all comes down to these 5 skills. Once an athlete has mastered these 5 skills they are ready to go and learn some great gymnastics.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF STRONG YOUNG ATHLETES – Conditioning skills, drills and shapes for a future of success.
  • Warm Up and Wind Down Games. NEW!!!!! From Jayne Marascio and Tony Retrosi. Presented at National Congress 2014. How to make the first and last 5 minutes of class FUN and EFFECTIVE
  • EVERYDAY BASIC TUMBLING. A Plan for each event.
  • MAKING FITNESS FUN. Putting the Jungle Back in the GYM.
  • BUILDING A TEAM OUT OF YOUR STAFF.  Your business is only as strong as your staff. Before you can be REALLY successful- you need to be come a TEAM

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Clinics That Meet Your Needs

You will not get just some stock clinic.  In a one or two day clinic at your gym, I will cater to the needs of your coaches and gymnasts. I do not schedule a lot of clinics because each clinic is individualized. Trust me we will have long conversations before I arrive to make sure that I a covering what you need.

A typical clinic weekend

  • Day 1: Meet with coaches 30-60 minutes
  • 4- 6 hours gym time with athletes
  • Parent meeting 30-60 minutes
  • Day 2: 4-6 hour gym time with athletes
  • 30 minute follow up talk with athletes and coaches
  • 30 minute follow up with coaches

Of course this schedule can be altered to meet the needs of your gymnasts and gym. Interested in a clinic but have already seen me enough? Though my contacts and connections with coaches through out the country I can help set up a clinic at your gym with a variety of different coaches each specializing in different areas.

Speaking Experience

USA Gymnastics National Congresses: 1995-2011
USA Gymnastics Regional Congresses: 1992- 2011
Gymnastics Association of Texas: 2006, 2011
Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago: 2009
NJ State Mini Congress: 2011
Washington State Mini Congress: 2010

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