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It has been said life is equal parts what happens to us and how we process what happens to us. I think that is very true in gymnastics. The attitudes and beliefs that a gymnast has about herself and the sport will inevitably shape how long she participates, or at least how happy she is while she is involved. Here are nine beliefs that inevitably lead to a less than stellar gymnastics experience: JAG GYM BLOG   … [Read More...]

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In Bar Stalder Drill

I have been working with a few different gymnasts on In Bar Stalder. Thanks to Tammy Biggs I was able to fill in the missing link drill. … [Read More...]

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Front Aerial Drill

I have always loved front and side aerials. Not just for their artistic enjoyment but for the leg drive that it teaches. Here is a drill that showed really good results with this young lady from … [Read More...]

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My Morning Routine

My mornings generally start the same. I get up, turn on NPR, make coffee as I scan the headlines then head to the gym to work out. This morning was no different. After I checked the news and weather I checked Facebook. There was a great status posted by one of my FB Friends from Texas. I'm watching Katy at gymnastics practice and she is all smiles and so incredibly happy. Can you imagine finding your passion at such a young age? ......People gasp and give me "looks" when I tell them how … [Read More...]

Turning a New Year’s Resolution Into Action With the Facts

This is one of my favorite topics. I have written about it with Fear of Failure and Is Change Possible  I think not only does it serve as a good reminder of the struggle and give us some hope. It also lets us know that we are not alone. Original Article from NY Times 8 Myths about Creating Change in Your Life DESPITE the best intentions for the new year, the reality is that by next month, gym memberships will lapse, chocolate will replace carrots and Candy Crush will edge out Moby … [Read More...]


Empty Out The Tacks

The mark of a really good coach is the person who can find relatively simple solutions to a difficult problem in the gym. We have all had those moments where a coach may show you a "new" drill and you kick yourself for not thinking of it. My most recent was working the drop in for in bar stalders. Functional Fixedness. According to Wikipedia: Functional fixedness is a cognitive bias that limits a person to using an object only in the way it is traditionally used.  Karl Duncker defined … [Read More...]

Combination Tumbling Notes

Combination Tumbling Notes   COMBINATION TUMBLING TONY RETROSI TUMBLING BONUS RULES A+C= +.10 B+B= +.10 B+C= +.20 A+A+C= +.10 A/B+D= +.20 A+A+D= +.20 C+C= +.20 RULES cont. C+C= +.10 A/B+A/B+C= +.10 A+D= +.10 A+A+D= +.10 C+D= +.20 Tony’s 10 Commandments for tumbling 1. PLAN. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance 2. Teach the big picture. - Don’t be so technical when they are learning. 3. Patience - not everyone learns at the same … [Read More...]