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Chalking Up Like A Champ

Yes, she is a good bar worker. Yes, she chalks up like a freak. Yes, she was last weeks CRASH OF THE WEEK How Do Your Gymnasts Chalk Up? … [Read More...]

Latest Video Drills

Latest Video Drills

Pak Salto Drills

One of the biggest problems with Pak Salto is controlling the rotation. TOO MUCH- You skid across the floor on your butt TOO LITTLE- You eat the bar Here are drills that I use for control and … [Read More...]

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Episode 158| GymCastic

Great podcast. And NOT just because I am interviewed! Source: Episode 158 | GymCastic SUPPORT GYMCASTIC!! This Week's Interview Ariana Berlin is happy, goofy, surprising, unique, beautiful and partially made of steel. She made her mark on college gymnastics by bringing her professional hip hop dance background onto the competition floor. Her floor routines were something totally new and sometimes controversial but always entertaining. But the road to NCAA finals almost went through the … [Read More...]

10 Things Parents Want Coaches to Know | JAG GYM Blog

Source: 10 Things Parents Want Coaches to Know | JAG GYM Blog 1. I love my child so much it hurts. It makes me a little irrational. Please bare with me. Be gentle. My heart is walking around outside of me, and I entrust it to you. I am not asking for a free pass, just a little empathy. 2. And of course, I want you to love my child too. I realize you have many kids to love, but let’s admit it…mine is really awesome. 3. Despite what my actions might suggest, I want to be a good parent. I really … [Read More...]

Functional Path Training: Coach John Wooden – A Twitter Coach

Source: Functional Path Training: Coach John Wooden - A Twitter Coach John Wooden died June 4, 2010 at age 99. Twitter was founded in 2006. He retired in 1975 thirty-one years before Twitter yet he was a twitter coach. Why? How? We know that Coach Wooden is acknowledged as one of the greatest coaches of all time in any sport. Fortunately during his last season coaching in 1974-75 two psychologists Roland Tharp & Ronald Gallimore studied his methods and reported on his coaching style. … [Read More...]