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Shiny Objects

As the ancient Greeks understood, great athletes not only accept the ordeal of competition and the trial of strength inherent in it, but also show us a connection between what we do each day and something that is larger than we are and lasts longer than we do.  Bill Bradley via Bill Sands Crows are attracted to shining objects. Are you a crow? Are you immediately attracted to shining objects? Crows in coaching are those who are constantly attracted to the newest shining object in the form … [Read More...]

Latest Video Drills

Latest Video Drills

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How to Write a Tweet to Increase Twitter Engagement for Your Gymnastics Club

Many gymnastics clubs use twitter to try to increase traffic to their website, get information out and market their club. Gym Momentum posts all articles on twitter but also to send out quick information and link to other articles that and posts that I think Gym Momentum followers may be interested in. As a middle age guy- I am never 100% confident that I am using Twitter most effectively to generate interest and traffic. Hootsuite is the platform that I use to schedule tweets. It is easy … [Read More...]

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Planning for Gymnastics Success

We are at the point in the season where many coaches have expressed their frustration to me. The season is almost over and things aren’t going the way they want it to. They feel they have put in the time, they have worked hard and still they fall short at competitions. With many of these coaches what I have seen is a failure to come up with a comprehensive plan OR failing to plan at all! When I was a rookie coach I was told to practice the “6 P’s” Precise Planning Prevents Piss Poor … [Read More...]

Because Gymnastics should be enjoyed not endured

I found an article in the Huffington Post on ways to Inject JOY into Youth Sports. I adapted it to fit gymnastics.  I'll preface this post by saying that I don't have many answers. I'm simply asking questions and making observations as we navigate one aspect of our lives: youth sports. Another preface is that my wife and I were both fairly decent gymnasts in our youth.We weren't unbelievable, but we were athletic. A few more caveats: I love coaching. I never really enjoyed coaching my … [Read More...]



    A parent of a gymnast I work with posted this on my Facebook page. It is a great reminder that what we are doing is WAY MORE than just coaching gymnastics. SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO BE A GYMNAST… Sure, it's hard to flip backwards on a 4 inch beam and YES it's hard for their tiny bodies to defy the laws of physics & gravity in the way that they do…. BUT what’s really hard is to watch my child balance the world of being a gymnast and being a teen. It’s hard to watch her spend … [Read More...]

10 Reasons to let your child get involved with competitive Gymnastics (or any competitive sport)

If you are reading this you are probably somehow involved in competitive gymnastics (or you are at the WRONG website? ) You probably can give your own 10 reasons. We've been hearing for years that youth sports build character, persistence and teamwork. I'd like to get a bit deeper and explain very specific reasons why parents should get their children involved in competitive gymnastics and why I am glad my children competed in sports. My daughter was a gymnasts and went into Color Guard. My son … [Read More...]