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Neuroscience Myths That May Be Getting In Your Way Of Being A Great Gymnastics Coach

As gymnastics coaches we are educators first. What we teach is the science of movement. How we teach is an art. Knowing this I tend to read many science bases educational journals (to improve my art).  I recently did a little follow up reading on research in neuroscience. It is important to cut through the neuroscience buzz and extract real information that can improve any learning program. Paul Howard-Jones, a researcher at the Centre for Mind and Brain in Educational and Social Contexts … [Read More...]

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Jokes to Play in your Gymnastics Club Today.

Happy April Fools Day. I spend a great deal of time writing and coming up with serious things to post at Gym Momentum. Today we will depart from that. Life is too short not to have a little fun. Those who know me in the gym know that I enjoy a good practical joke. I've been known to play a few as well. Share your best Practical Joke and I will hook you up with a prize. BEST PRACTICAL JOKES I"VE PLAYED. (my apologies to my children as they are often on the receiving end) When … [Read More...]


Managing Your Gymnastics Program

“The best boss I ever had.” That’s a phrase most of us have said or heard at some point, but what does it mean? And what can we do to have our employees say this about us? The first thing we need to do is answer a few key questions: What sets the great boss apart from the average boss? What do great managers actually do? While there are as many styles of management as there are managers, there is one quality that sets truly great managers apart from the rest:They discover what is unique … [Read More...]


Shiny Objects

As the ancient Greeks understood, great athletes not only accept the ordeal of competition and the trial of strength inherent in it, but also show us a connection between what we do each day and something that is larger than we are and lasts longer than we do.  Bill Bradley via Bill Sands Crows are attracted to shining objects. Are you a crow? Are you immediately attracted to shining objects? Crows in coaching are those who are constantly attracted to the newest shining object in the form … [Read More...]


How to Write a Tweet to Increase Twitter Engagement for Your Gymnastics Club

Many gymnastics clubs use twitter to try to increase traffic to their website, get information out and market their club. Gym Momentum posts all articles on twitter but also to send out quick information and link to other articles that and posts that I think Gym Momentum followers may be interested in. As a middle age guy- I am never 100% confident that I am using Twitter most effectively to generate interest and traffic. Hootsuite is the platform that I use to schedule tweets. It is easy … [Read More...]