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Combination Tumbling Notes

Combination Tumbling Notes   COMBINATION TUMBLING TONY RETROSI TUMBLING BONUS RULES A+C= +.10 B+B= +.10 B+C= +.20 A+A+C= +.10 A/B+D= +.20 A+A+D= +.20 C+C= +.20 RULES cont. C+C= +.10 A/B+A/B+C= +.10 A+D= +.10 A+A+D= +.10 C+D= +.20 Tony’s 10 Commandments for tumbling 1. PLAN. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance 2. Teach the big picture. - Don’t be so technical when they are learning. 3. Patience - not everyone learns at the same … [Read More...]

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Front Aerial Drill

I have always loved front and side aerials. Not just for their artistic enjoyment but for the leg drive that it teaches. Here is a drill that showed really good results with this young lady from … [Read More...]

Latest Video Drills

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5 Things Every Gymnast Needs on Bars Notes

5 skills every gymnast needs at Bars (developing a plan for your team at bars) YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN AND SET EXPECTATIONS TONY’S BAR RULES 1. HAVE A PLAN- Where do you want them to be? When 2. Hit Basics everyday 3. Handstands, Handstands, Handstands 4. Never paint yourself into a corner 5. Teach them how to fall 6. Tony’s rules continued 7. Everyone needs goals. Gymnasts and coaches 8. Have clear expectations and requirements 9. … [Read More...]


Some Random Thoughts

I carry a small notebook/ journal with me. I write down thoughts after practice. Things that worked, things that didn't. I write down if I hear a good song that I want to remember. I write down random thoughts that are stimulated by what I am reading or I see in my coaching. Here are few that might get you thinking: Combine instinct with intellect Don’t let urgent overtake important Rather than reorganize reprioritize The difficulty is not in finding the right answers but in … [Read More...]


Building Confidence. Keeping your inner voice in check

Building confidence: What to do When Your Inner Voice Keeps Telling You “No” The other day a friend said: Sometimes I think I am my own worst critic. I constantly catch myself thinking, “That wasn’t good enough” or “You really screwed up this time.” Do you have thoughts like that? How can you turn this around? Self-evaluation can be a positive experience. It helps us learn, correct our mistakes and improve our performance, as well as the perceptions others have of us. According to … [Read More...]


What Inspires You?

Inspiration is everywhere — from the words of your favorite writer to the flowers and leaves on your morning walk.  It could be a song that plays on your  commute or the smile of a gymnast you are working with. You just need to open your eyes,  your ears and breathe it in. When your workouts are stuck in a rut- Sometimes it helps to talk to others who are creative to get ideas about what gets their creativity juices flowing. Lately I find myself planted in front of a computer screen for … [Read More...]


IS CHANGE POSSIBLE In Your Gymnastics Club?

It is the time of year when many of us make our “New Years Resolutions”. We all start off with the greatest intention and then don’t follow through. It makes you wonder, IS CHANGE REALLY POSSIBLE? Is change possible?  A lot of people will tell you it isn’t- especially the ones who have had a lot of practice with failure. The biggest deterrent to sticking to an exercise plan, losing weight, or improving grades is the idea that we have failed in the past, and, hence were doomed to fail … [Read More...]