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I will be teaching a W200 course at Bay State Gymnastics Academy in Dartmouth, MA on Sunday, October 19, 2014 12:00 PM REGISTER This is a live, six-hour, hands-on training course designed for school age, pre-team and Level 1-4 coaches. This is a NEW course developed for pre team, level 1-4 coaches and even school age recreational coaches. Course topics include warm ups, conditioning, lesson planning, hands on spotting and lecture for all Olympic events. This is a great hands on experience … [Read More...]

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Resilite Gymnastics Equipment Review

I DO NOT SELL EQUIPMENT FOR ANY COMPANY. WHEN I DO FIND THE TIME TO WRITE A REPORT/REVIEW OF A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT- IT IS BECAUSE I USE IT! This summer I have picked up a few new toys from Resilte. The The “Resi-Hall”  and  the new Vault Training Mat System. Vault Training System is A LOT OF MATS. It comes with a 2 foot thick 5x10 and 3, 5 x 10x 8in. With one of the mats having a contoured front to simulate the vault table. • The system can be configured at four different heights to … [Read More...]


After a LONG fight with computers, websites and internet providers- GYM MOMENTUM TRAINING CAMP individual photos are up. You can view them all at SYKED PHOTOGRAPHY Thanks to all who made the camp such a success!     … [Read More...]


Check out this GYM!!! Keflavik ad in english   Would you like to spend a year in Iceand and coach at our great gymnastics club?   We are seeking coaches for our Team Gym teams and also for our younger groups in artistic gymnastics, boys and girls. A season contract available (1.9.2014-1.6.2015) with the option of a longer stay. We need a fulltime coach who is a caring individual and passionate about gymnastics. We have both womens and mens artistic … [Read More...]

The Quit Factor: When is it time to quit?

Gymnastics is one of the toughest sports in the world. Countless hours in the gym, sacrificing a social life, pushing your body to exhaustion, and for what? To learn that sometimes even if you try your best, it still may not be good enough? Gymnasts are taught to push themselves almost to their breaking point in order to attain the unattainable: perfection. But what happens when a gymnast actually reaches his or her breaking point? How do you know if it’s really time to throw in the … [Read More...]