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Balancing Art & Science in Coaching Gymnastics

Balancing Art & Science in Coaching I am fascinated by science. The empirical nature of the scientific method has an innate appeal. (This may be a big surprise to my high school science teachers! Let's just say- this love came later in my life.)  It allows us to study and explore the deepest dimensions of our being and our existence in the world. That being said at the end of the day I try to be a practitioner. My job as a coach is produce results, to apply the science to the best of my … [Read More...]

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Front Aerial Drill

I have always loved front and side aerials. Not just for their artistic enjoyment but for the leg drive that it teaches. Here is a drill that showed really good results with this young lady from … [Read More...]

Latest Video Drills

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Avoiding an Argument in your Gymnastics Business.

In the last year I have been asked a few times  to mediate a meeting  between a club owner and coaches (or a head coach and assistants). Although every situation is unique I want to focus on the similarities. I was called in because both parties felt they were MILES apart in finding a solution to the problem. All business is about personal relationships. Instead of focusing on the differences between the parties I like to focus on the common goals. In gymnastics situations both the owners and … [Read More...]


USE YOUR BRAIN…A bit of a rant

Apologies in advance. This is just something that has been bothering me for a while. Lately I have been spending a great deal of time in gyms throughout North America and into Europe. No matter what gym I am in I hear the same complaints from coaches. "We would be better if we only had.... (insert name of piece of equipment)"  I am not giving myself a free pass. I have my wish list like everyone else. I just do not believe that it is the newest piece of equipment that is going to change … [Read More...]

Things That I am Thankful For 2014

Things That I am Thankful For Dear Gym Momentum Coaches, Camp and Clinic Attendees, and Gymnasts. Like every year this year has had its ups and its downs.  The constant is YOU. Your support, your friendship, your dedication and enthusiasm is why I do what I do.  When I hire my staff  for Gym Momentum Camps or Clinics I'm looking for people who, like me,   strive to be amazing and go beyond the expectations of all attendees. I'm hoping that my staff will also be friends. What I've … [Read More...]


Dear Gymnastics Coaches

This morning I came across this article posted by WENDY BRUCE MARTIN on her blog GET PSYCHED. I couldn't contact her fast enough asking permission to repost. Please take the time to follow her blog. You will NOT be disappointed.  I am very excited to announce that Wendy will be working at GYM MOMENTUM CAMPS this summer! View original article  Dear Gymnastics Coaches, Since working with athletes over the past years I have found a few common themes that I hear from the athletes. Since … [Read More...]

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Habits of Productive Gymnastics Coaches

This will be the first in a series of articles that I intend to write. Some will be here, hopefully some will be published in magazines that I contribute to. (But don't worry- if they don't get picked up- I will put them here!) Heading to the Region 6 Development Camp last week Neil Resnick and I had a great conversation about what the most successful coaches do (possibly differently from others). What makes them a success. The most successful coaches I know are also the most productive … [Read More...]