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You CAN Choose Your Outlook

You can choose your outlook. There are some people who just love to be miserable. These are the people who you actually avoid asking, “how are you?” because the answer depresses you. If you have had a bad day, they will come up with 5 reasons why their’s is worse. If you had a loved one pass away, they will go on to tell you how the plague wiped out their entire family. Recently I was in a hotel lobby speaking with a colleague. We were just passing the time (lying about how good our … [Read More...]

Latest Video Drills

Tkatchev Drill

Tkatchev video drill from Arun Kumar Jayan in India. (Known to his friends in the west as Colin Zand) This drill teaches how to maintain posture and body shape throughout the … [Read More...]

Latest Video Drills

Back Layout Drill

My friend Arun Kumar Jayan (ALL THE WAY FROM INDIA!) shares another  drill. This time  for basic body shaping for back layout position. … [Read More...]

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The Marathon Gymnast | Get Psyched!

Source: The Marathon Gymnast | Get Psyched! Sometimes we get so caught up in the unforeseeable future that we forget to enjoy our children today. Author Jodi Brichta-Coyne writes an amazing article on the long journey of sports and how we can sometimes get so caught up in the unknown and we are so busy trying to plan out our children’s future, that sometimes miss out on the amazing success they are having today. The Marathon Gymnast As a mother of a level 7 competitive gymnast, I … [Read More...]

How to use Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk. | Get Psyched!

I know, I know I talk about affirmations and positive self-talk all the time. I am a true believer in positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and empowering words that build athletes up. My thoughts are that if we fill our lives with comments that remind us how wonderful, strong, beautiful, and talented we are, then we will tend to eventually believe them. So what’s the problem? Well some specialists in the Sports Psychology and Mental Toughness world sometimes mention that … [Read More...]

Taking Ownership

Last weekend I hosted our Xcel State Championships at a local high school. It was a great competition. What I love about this level is the pure joy of gymnastics. The first day saw about 350 competitors. There was laughter. There was cheering (not just for teammates but also for other competitors). What I didn’t see- any crying out of frustration or disappointment. (I will save these thoughts for another blog). I sat at the table facing the crowd playing floor music and making announcements. … [Read More...]

USA Gymnastics | AAP study differentiates between structured trampoline programs and backyard trampolines

The American Academy of Pediatrics today released a policy statement, "Trampoline safety in childhood and adolescence." Although the piece focused mostly on the dangers of backyard trampolines, the paper separated backyard/recreational trampolines and activities from trampolines used in structured training programs. The statement's conclusion stated, "Pediatricians should only endorse use of trampolines as part of a structured training program with appropriate coaching, supervision and safety … [Read More...]